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Mission Statement

The mission of Saint Patrick Catholic School is to evangelize, catechize and educate our students to become contributing members of the Catholic Church and society. 


  • We Believe we are called as disciples of Jesus Christ and this will be our purpose in curriculum, community work, and faith formation of self and students.
  • We Believe that parents are the primary educators of their students and parent involvement should be evident in the community setting of the school.
  • We Believe that each student should be responsible for his/her own learning, in order to achieve his/her fullest potential.
  • We Believe teachers should use a variety of instructional methods to reach all learning levels and needs.
  • We Believe in educating the whole person: spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially so each child will develop as a person committed to God.
  • We Believe every person, even those different from us, should be respected and accepted.


We, the faculty and staff of Saint Patrick Catholic School, assist parents in their role as the primary educators of their children, by providing our students with a sound educational foundation upon which they will grow in faith, knowledge, service and community.

  • Students will grow in faith as they spend time in prayer, learning about Jesus and becoming a faithful follower of Jesus Christ.
  • Students will grow in knowledge as they apply their learning to real-life situations.
  • Students will grow in service as they respond to the needs of others by means of prayer and actions.
  • Students will grow in community as they and their families work together for the benefit of Saint Patrick Parish, our community and our world.


Learning in the Catholic school is a means to bring students to Jesus Christ and empower them to share Christ with others.

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