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First Reconciliation

Students in Grade Two celebrated their first penance on Saturday, January 31.  The will celebrate their first communion in May.

Faith Formation

The Catholic school is a most important place for human and Christian formation. It is one of the special functions of the Catholic school to orient the whole of human culture to the message of the Gospel. (General Directory for Catechesis #259)

When children pray, the church prays; they are the church now.

Because we are disciples of Jesus, we come together to worship in community.
When we receive Jesus in the Liturgy, we are never left unchanged.

The educational task of Catholic schools is . . . accomplished in the school community, to which belong all of those who are directly involved in it: teachers, administrative management and auxiliary staff, parents--central in that they are the natural and irreplaceable educators of their own children--and pupils, who are participants and active subjects . . . of the educational process. ("Decree on Education," Vatican II Documents)


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