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Formative Outcomes

The Catholic schools in the Diocese of Toledo expect that students will learn much more than just the content shown in this Curriculum Guide. The goal of our schools is that the following "formative outcomes" will become evident in all our students.

Students will …
..deepen their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
..actively experience a community of faith in the school and parish.
..know and understand the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
..be able to see the presence of God in the events and experiences of their lives.
..make choices based on the Catholic faith.
..appreciate and experience worship and prayer.

Through his/her Baptismal call to holiness, each student will strive to become…
..a person of integrity.
..a person of compassion and forgiveness.
..a person of courage and justice willing to confront wrongs.
..a person who respects self and others.
..a person of service.
..a person of collaboration.

Students will …
..recognize how they learn.
..know how to be reflective.
..have personal care and respect for their body.
..understand and appreciate their personal gifts.
..demonstrate personal responsibility, understanding that choices have consequences.
..be flexible.

Students will…
..demonstrate an understanding of the Catholic Social Principles.
..understand how political systems work and their responsibility to participate in them.
..recognize and challenge oppression and exploitation.
..learn to contribute time, talent, and treasure for the good of others.
..demonstrate an understanding of and respect for other cultures and languages.

Based on Christian values, students will…
..evaluate and interpret what is seen,
..read, and heard.
..make informed decisions.
..develop and apply problem-solving strategies.
..learn to question their world through higher-order thinking skills.
..listen actively with the intent to understand.
..clearly articulate thoughts and ideas.

Students will…
..exhibit an appreciation of the arts.
..express ideas and talents in a variety of positive ways.
..function in a variety of situations and environments.
..recognize and respect others’ expressions of creativity.
..be empowered to be creative.
..recognize their creative gifts and talents.


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