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I am looking forward to a great year!

Parent Information

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Third Grade!  I’m looking forward to working with you and your child.  The following information will help to make a great year.

Lesson Guide – Each week you will receive a sheet listing the concepts to be taught.  It will include test dates and reminders of up coming events.  THIS IS NOT HOMEWORK.  It is only to keep you informed about what we are doing in class.  Please use it to help your child review.

Homework Guide – The homework guide is located on the back of the lesson guide and will be posted on the website each week.  The guide will list the assignments, spelling words, reading vocabulary, states to know and reminders of special events.

Homework – The students will have homework.  It is usually a short assignment that should not take your child more than fifteen minutes to do.  The students will have a blue homework folder to bring their assignment home.  When they finish their assignment, please have them put it back in the folder and return it to school the next day.  If the child forgets his/her folder, they may bring it back the following day.  After two days the student will need to do the work at recess.  The assignment will be marked as late work.

Spelling – Please check the homework guide for spelling words, Bible verse, and test dates. Spelling test is usually on Friday.  The Bible verse and bonus words will be used as extra credit.  If your child misses the Bible verse and/or the bonus words, they will not count against their grade.

Vocabulary – The students will have a vocabulary book.  Please review the vocabulary words and their meanings.  After two weeks on the unit the students will have a quiz on the words.

States to Know – The students will need to know the location of the states listed on the homework sheet.

Current Events – About once a nine weeks your child will be responsible for a current event.  The article may be from a newspaper, magazine, weekly reader, or Internet source.  Your child will need to decide if the article is local/state, national, or world news and write a summary of the article.  If possible please attach a copy of the article.  The article will be shared and placed on the bulletin board.  A form will be provided.  The due date is listed on the homework sheet.

PE – Gym class will be on Friday at 1:05-1:45 p.m. Please be sure to have tennis shoes.

Accelerated Reading (AR)– This year your child will participate in the Accelerated Reading program.  Your child will be given time at school to read.  Your child may use this book for the book report.

Book Reports – Your child will be responsible for a book report due the last week of each month (except for August, December, and May).  The book needs to be on your child’s reading level and may come from home, school, or the library. A list will be provided with the different types of reports.  Some of the types include making a poster, dressing up as a character, written report, creating a scene from the story, making a book jacket, puppet play, etc…

Graded Work – Communication between home and school is vital to your child’s success in the classroom.  Each week I will send home a folder with graded papers.  Only the papers in the folder will be recorded in the grade book.  Please take time to review and discuss the papers with your child.  Then sign the form on your child’s folder, keep the papers (unless otherwise noted) and have your child return the empty folder the next school day.

Grades – Your child’s grades will be available for viewing on the Option C website.

Book Club Orders – Your child will be given book club order forms.  If your child would like to order books please make the check out to St. Patrick School.  You may also order online.

Service Project – We will do three service projects this year.

Nursing HomeThe last Tuesday of each month (except August and December) from 10:00-10:40 we visit Genesis Nursing Home in Bryan.  The students help the residents play Bingo.

Homeless Shelter – Throughout the year we collect money to purchase pillows for the Sanctuary Homeless Shelter in Bryan.  The students are asked to do extra chores to earn money for this project.

Operation Christmas Child – We will collect some small items (crayons, scissors, toys, etc…) to be placed in a shoebox.  The box will be sent to a needy child.


Water Bottles – The students may have water bottles in the classroom.  Please no bottles with just a twist off cap.

Travelmates Project – The class will be participating in the TRAVELMATES PROJECT.  An article about the program will be sent home.  Your child will need to bring in a clean stuffed animal by Friday, August 24th.  The animal should be over nine inches tall in order for the backpack to fit. Please select an animal that is NOT special to your child.  Some animals may not return.  If your child does not have an animal, please let me know and one will be provided.  Thank you for your cooperation in this project.

Parties – We have three parties this year.  A sign up sheet is available in the room and on the website. 

Birthdays – You may send in a snack for your child’s birthday.  If your child’s birthday is in the summer please let me know when you would like to celebrate it.

Volunteers – A sign up sheet is available in the room and on the website.


If you have questions concerning this information please contact me at or call 419-636-3592.

Thank you,

Mrs. Teegarden


Dear Parents,

            Our class will be having three parties this year.  If you would like to donate an item for one of our parties, please indicate your choice below.  Return the form to school as soon as possible.  Your form will be placed on file, and you will be contacted before your donation is needed.  Thank you for your help.


Mrs. Teegarden


NAME _____________________________________________________

____FALL         ____ CHRISTMAS           ____ VALENTINE’S DAY

____ napkins

____ cookies

____ fruit or treat

____ punch - drink boxes

____ will help with the party

____ will provide games for the party



If you would like to help out, please fill out the form and return it as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Mrs. Teegarden


NAME _____________________________________________________

____ Room mother or father

____ Drive for field trips

____ Work with students

Please check when you are available

____ Monday ____ Tuesday _____ Thursday

Time:  ____ 8:30-9:20  _____ 1:15-1:45 

______Math ____  Reading   _____Science  

____ Other: subject __________________ time_______________

_____ Available to work with individual students in the classroom (times to be arranged)

_____ Help with special projects (ex: sewing, cooking, painting,etc…)

_____ Willing to work on items at home (ex: cutting material, making games, etc…)

_____ Willing to share my career or talent with the class

TOPIC: ______________________________________________________

















Homework the week of






  EXTRA CREDIT: be able to find the verse in the Bible

(New American Bible)




STATES TO KNOW (location on a labeled map)


READING VOCABULARY WORDS (words that go with the reading story)


VOCABULARY WORDS (from the vocabulary workbook)

Unit 1:



EACH NIGHT: read for 10 minutes, review states









This week we will be covering the following concepts:



DAILY REVIEW: number patterns, fractions, temperature, calendar, telling time, story problem, rounding to nearest ten and hundred


SPELLING: see homework list

















Test August 24

Unit 1: land stick plan trip stand act thing last lift band grand swim stamp list sand

Bonus: allow bitter common faint

Test August 31

Unit 2: crop test clock spent drop left sled plot spend west block tenet desk flock nest

Bonus:  firm force goal patient

Test September 7

Unit 3: lunch until cover buzz become stuff nothing dull month study love uncle cuff none under

Bonus: prefer trace aim aware

Test September 14

Unit 4: proud boil loud house join cloud sound voice oil round point south found soil ground

Bonus: defeat drift mild pause

Test September 21

Unit 5: crew loose news school drew knew smooth pool shoot threw roof fool chew balloon choose

Bonus: refuse route ruin solid

Test September 28

Unit 6: Review unit NO BONUS

plan stick grand stamp drop spend clock spent none until love nothing point house voice ground threw school knew choose




















We will celebrated our travelmates return on May 24th. They traveled to twenty states and eight countries.















Butterfly Club

The Third and Second Grade classes meet once a week for Butterfly Club. 








I will be teaching Fourth Grade English, Vocabulary, and Spelling.  Please email me at or call me at 419-636-3592 with any concerns.

Thank you,

Mrs. Teegarden


The spelling test is usually on Friday.  There are twenty words and four bonus words.  The bonus words are for extra credit. They bonus words are from the vocabulary book.  The students are given a list at school and the words will be posted on the web page.


Test  August 24

Unit 1: crust pass else skill brag zipper began collar drag smell brick felt spill button held trust kept trick shell begin

Bonus: celebrity counsel demonstrate drowsy

Test August 31

Unit 2: wise huge case alone rise cube fame beside blame chose tire became awhile spoke wife drove surprise scale alive invite

Bonus: essential hardship haul humble

Test September 7

Unit 3: aim holiday paper station able crayon flavor lazy brain anyway remain favor rail grayest trailer lady nation relay fail radio

Bonus: pledge sincere stampede suitable

Test September 14

Unit 4: field lead speed believe deal piece reach breeze speak agree least season between chief steam degree reason brief repeat peach

Bonus: annual basic competition contract

Test September 21

Unit 5: eyes icicle tight climb umpire highway idea flight cycle fright iron slight tiny higher shy hire buy might reply title

Bonus: dismiss neglect obtain portion

Test September 28

Unit 6: Review unit no bonus

begin kept trust zipper awhile became beside invite favor holiday relay trailer agree believe field reason buy climb might cycle

 Test October 5

Unit 7: poet coast pillow hotel also clothes pony bold moment obey grown hello motel boast glow goal poem shown hero fold

Bonus: recall sponsor stern vacant




 The vocabulary words are a part of the spelling list.  After two to three weeks there will be a quiz over the vocabulary words. The test is the same format as last year.


Unit 1: celebrity counsel demonstrate drowsy essential hardship haul humble pledge sincere stampede suitable


Skill: The four types of sentences. 






NOTE: Blizzard Bags do not go into effect until it is announced.  Please listen to the Honeywell Instant Alert message for information.

Each student received a packet with the directions and worksheets.   If you need another copy of the worksheets, they are listed at the bottom of this page for downloading. The directions are listed below.



  • Practice your multiplication facts with flash cards or with games on Mrs. Teegarden's website Tizmo page.
  • Do review worksheet.


  • Read the story The Mystery of the Missing Blue Shoe  and complete the worksheets.
  • Read a book of your choice for 15 minutes.  Write the title and author.  Then write a summary of what you read.


  • Write about a time when you lost something.  What did you lose? Where were you? Did you find it at last?  Remember to indent, use capitals, and end marks.


  • Write your words in cursive.  Please check your homework sheet or Mrs. Teegarden's website for the spelling list.


  • Review the location of the states.  You may use your planner or play the matching states game on Ben's Guide on                  Mrs. Teegarden's website Tizmo page.
  • Color the worksheet on the states.


  • Read your Bible verse for the week.  It is found on the website homework sheet.  Write what the verse means to you.



  • Practice your multiplication flash cards or review with games on Mrs. Teegarden's website Tizmo page.
  • Do the multiplication worksheet and the math subtraction with regrouping review worksheet.


  • Read the story The Closet Creature  and complete the worksheets.
  • Read a book of your choice for 15 minutes.  Write a summary of what you read.  Please be sure to include the title and author.


  • Draw a picture of a closet creature.  Write a story about the creature. Tell what it looks like and what it does.


  • Write five sentences.  Underline the noun in each sentence.  Circle the verb in each sentence. Put a square around any adjectives.


  • Write your words in alphabetical order.  Please check your homework sheet or Mrs. Teegarden's website for the spelling list.


  • Look around the house and list six types of energy.  Give an example.

        EXAMPLE: computer - electrical



  • Practice your multiplication flash cards or review with games on on Mrs. Teegarden's website Tizmo page.
  • Do the multiplication worksheet and the graph worksheet.


  • Read the story Rescue  and complete the worksheets.
  • Read a book of your choice for 15 minutes.  Write a summary of what you read.  Please be sure to include the title and author.


  • Write a sentence for each of your words.  Be sure to use capitals and end marks.  Please check your homework sheet or the website for the spelling list.


  • Select your favorite Bible story.  Draw a picture of the story.  Then write the story.


  • Read the story on maps.  Do  the worksheets.



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