Seventh Grade Math

We are beginning our unit on fractions.  We will learn about equivalent fractions, common denominators, and using the four math operations with fractions.  We will have a quiz on GCF and LCM on Wednesday.  We will not have class on Thursday, December 15th or Wednesday, December 21st.  



Seventh Grade Math IXL

Students should complete 60 minutes of IXL practice each week.  This counts as a homework assignment.  Minutes are counted from Monday through Sunday and may be completed on Chromebooks.


New and Notes!

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Important Dates

Fourth Grade News

December 12th - 16th


Important Dates

December 14h --Mass 8:15

December 15th – Christmas Program 1:00 and 7:00 pm/Dress Rehearsal 9:30 am

December 21st – Spirit Assembly/Christmas Party/Movie @ Bryan Theater/Gift Exchange

December 22nd – January 1st – Christmas Vacation


Students should bring hat and gloves/mittens every day for recess.

Students should wear dressy/Sunday clothes for the Christmas Program on Thursday

This Week...

Reading: We will discuss characterization and theme. We will finish and publish our paragraphs about our favorite Christmas carol.

Science: We have been studying land forms. This week we will finish this unit. We will have a test next week. We will also begin talking about the upcoming Invention Convention. This week we will identify three problems and brainstorm solutions. More will come home about this later.

Social Studies: We will complete our unit on the very early inhabitants of North America. We will have a test about this information this week. We will begin learning about the early prehistoric Indian tribes of Ohio.

Religion: We will complete our current unit this week—We are the Church. We will discuss our responsibilities as Christians and the virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love. We will participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Tuesday.

Math: We will continue to learn about division. We will continue towork on two-digit division this week and will do word problems. Please have students practice multiplication facts at home.

Christmas Party Information!!!

Fourth grade will have our Christmas Celebration on December 21st.

We will have snack in the morning—a reminder will go home later this week if you signed up to send in anything.

We will have a gift exchange—please send in a gift labeled GIRL or BOY. Gifts should cost no more than $5.00.

We are planning to travel to the Bryan Theatre to see the afternoon. A permission slip went home on Tuesday.

Educational Websites/Games

Fourth Grade


Assigned homework may vary depending on what we have accomplished throughout the day.  Please check you child's planner and homework folder for the most accurate information.  Please follow the link below for homework assignments.  Please check the appropriate webpage for classes I do not teach.

STUDENT KEY:  Mrs.McDonagh  (no spaces)


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