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Welcome parents and student!

We will celebrate Mass together on Wednesday at 8:15 am.  Please join us in liturgy if you are able!

The Seventh Grade Class will continue to lead a recitation of the Rosary on Wednesdays at 12:15.. Please note the slightly different time in response to our new class schedule. The Seventh Grade Class is leading this weekly Rosary in response to Bishop Thomas's request for prayer. All are welcome to join us.

I hope you are all experiencing a meaningful Advent as the Christmas season is approaching and everything is becoming more hectic.  There is a lot going on at school in addition to our normal academic endeavors.  We have completed Christmas cards/letters for cancer survivors and Lane's uncle who is overseas and completed our entries for the annual Knights of Columbus poster contest. This week we are preparing for the Christmas Program and will also be having our classroom Spelling Bee and Geography Bee competitions before we leave for Christmas Break

If you have not had a chance to walk through the school halls and see all the decorated doors, please try to make a point to do this before the Christmas Season is over.  And - - it's not too late to vote for your favorite door!  Voting has been extended due to the bad weather over the weekend.

Next Wednesday is our last day before break.  The day will begin with our weekly 8:15 Mass.  The December Spirit Assembly will be held at 9:20.  After the assembly we will have our class gift exchange and I will be treating the kids to lunch from China Garden as my Christmas gift to them.  After lunch we will be going to the Bryan Theater to watch the movie SING.

Students and parents are able to view homework assignments on my online lesson planner.  The link is provided here, and the students have both the site and the code that is needed to view the assignments.  If you have any problems with this new system just let me know and I will see what we can do to fix the problem.  Feel free to have your son/daughter call or text me if there are questions about homework assignments.  Online planner - 

Thank You Parents for all you do to support your child/children and this school.

I am so looking forward to an awesome year!  As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Contact Information:                                                                                                   419-519-2303



Blizzard bag assignments - If materials to complete assignments are not with you at home, the work may be completed after we return to school.  However, the work will be done on your own time.  School time will not be given to complete.

Mrs. Stark's Reading - AR read for 30 minutes

Writing/Vocab. - Day 1: Work in your Vocabulary book.  Book work for Unit 12 vocabulary is due Friday.                                                                                                                                    Day2 and 3:

World History -  Finish reading Lesson 11.3 and complete wkbk 11.3.  Complete Study Guide and review the material each day in preparation for Chapter 11 Test. 

Science -   Review best practices for construction on your boat.

English - Study for conjunction/interjection/quotation test.  Test is postponed until tomorrow, 3/12/15. 

7th Grade Religion -  1. Go to:  2.  Choose the "Students" tab. 3.  Choose the teen center 7-8 grade.  4.  Choose Chapter reviews.  5.  A list of grades and names of individual books will come up.  Choose Jesus in the New Testament.  6.  Choose the appropriate chapter.  Review questions will come up.  You may send you results to me via email or print to turn in.                                                                                                              

Pre-Algebra - Lesson 10.3 in your text:  Go through lesson examples and complete the Guided Practice Exercises along with your wkbk pg.


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