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Homework Tips

Homework is intended to reinforce learning. Parents are encouraged to assume the role of parent-consultant, standing on the sidelines, providing encouragement and support. The following ABC's for this role are as follows:

See that the homework space is stocked with everything the child needs to do his/her homework. The child should be able to do the homework without leaving the "homework space."

Stay out of the homework space unless the child asks you to be involved. Whatever help is rendered should be brief and encouraging.

Set an upper limit on homework. Students may decide when to begin, but parents need to decide when to call "time." The deadline should be consistent. The shortest route to a nightly homework marathon is to tell a child when to begin but now when he/she must be done. Setting an upper time limit teaches time management.
(excerpted from "Ending the Homework Hassle by John Rosemond)

Has homework become a daily battle?
Here are tips for getting back on track...
—Have a well-lit, organized desk for doing homework.
—As much as possible, try to stick to a set routine.
 If you’re child knows that homework time is from 3pm to 5pm everyday, there will be less resistance to doing the work.
 Set aside extra time for big projects and term papers, like weekends.
—Try to create a quiet environment with few or no distractions: no television, no little brothers or sisters coming and going, etc.
 Make sure the desk contains only the material being worked on - nothing else!
—Prepare all needed material for the specific subject in advance.
—If possible, try to do the same type of task as your child: Write when they write; read while they read.
—If your child needs help, give guidance, not answers! Always be willing to help - but wait for your child to request it.
 Being there to help shows you’re interested and lets the child know that what he or she is doing is important.
—Your homework is to always be aware of your child’s assignments and due dates.
—Tackle the tough tasks first. If they’re put off, they’ll only get psychologically harder to do as your child gets more tired.
—Having trouble concentrating? Take a break! It’s healthy and refreshing for the brain. While breaking, go for a walk or eat a light snack.
 Be sure to decide up front how long the break will be - and stick to it.
Last, but not least: Give your child a little pat on the back from time to time. Take him/her to the park, play ball or go to the movies, once the homework is completed. S/he will appreciate the reward, and understand that hard work pays off.

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