This month we will go to Mass on Thursday, November 1 in celebration of All Saints Day and we will go on Wednesday, November 28.



Religion ~ Students will learn about the First Thanksgiving and talk about things we are thankful for.

Math ~  Lessons will continue to focus on putting numbers together and taking them apart.

Reading ~ We will finish learning about the letter Ii and Super Kid Icky this week.

Reading Homework ~ Super Kid Reading List #3 is being sent home today.

Looking Ahead...

Monday, November 12 ~ Veteran's Day Assembly

Tuesday, November 13 ~ Concert at Arts and Ed Bldg.


Wednesday, November 28 ~ Mass

Friday, November 30 ~ Spirit Assembly

Wednesday, December 5 ~ Mass

Thursday, December 13 ~ SPCS Christmas Program

Wednesday, December 19 ~ Mass

Friday, December 21 ~ Spirit Assembly / Christmas Party

Class Expectations:

Listen when someone is talking.

Follow directions quickly and quietly.

Raise your hand to speak.

Respect others. Respect yourself.  Respect the school.  Respect the Church.

Be safe.  Be honest.

Keep your teachers happy.

Blizzard Bags

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